The SU2KT plugin running on Windows 7

SU2KT is a Plugin for SketchUp.With it's help, you can export your models to Kerkythea and add Kerkythea lights and materials to SketchUp models. It can also be extremely useful when trying to export from sketchupa sit provides a method of producing an xml file that can then be converted to obj. It's a freeware, like Kerkythea. The latest release is 2.1. You could download it here until that link failed, kerkythea's website is currently down.


  1. Materials added: Emitters and FakeEmitters
  2. Animation of lights - now you can control light status during animation
  3. Su2kt components works in SU6 Free even when renamed by program
  4. Lights no longer need to be activated. They will take default values if not set.
  5. Animation settings stored with model (SU2KT will store your previous export settings)
  6. Rendering settings are preserved from main XML file - very useful for adjustments and fast previews
  7. Corrected animation frames numbering.

Bug fixes in the new versionEdit

  1. Images are not flipped now
  2. BMPs are recognized correctly
  3. UV coordinates of textures applied to default material are exported correctly
  4. Colored textures are exported
  5. All hidden objects won't be exported


  1. Kerkythea official website.
  2. Wikipedia article about Kerkythea.