Chatham hotel

Art Deco / Streamline Moderne example

Miami Beach, FL, has one of the greatest reputations of cities, when it comes to 3D modellocations.

Primarily, most models are situated in the Art Deco historic district, in which the architectural styles named Art Deco and Streamline Moderne are protected by law. The two styles were mainly influenced by the era of the oceanliners. For example, the Chatham apts building on James avenue has the shape of a retro cruiseship and even has some kind of a bow. About 10 percent of all buildings in South Miami Beach have been modeled with quality. The two prominent modelers are MILO Minderbinder and Loyal (Raimundo Deusdará Leal Filho).

Loyal (Raimundo Deusdará Leal Filho) Edit

Raimundo lives in Brasil, is aged 34 and has three sons. He is actually quite new to modeling in Miami Beach. He uploaded his first model located in Miami Beach (the Imperial hotel)  on June 10, 2009. Raimundo has a very different modeling style then MILO Minderbinder. e.g. He uses the push/pull tool to push the windows inwards. Milo considers this to be irrelevant extra geometry.

Models Edit

A list of models Raimundo created in Miami Beach (chronologically sorted)

  • Imperial Hotel Miami
  • The Colony Hotel - Miami
  • Clevelander Hotel - Miami
  • The Art Deco Welcome Center 1200 Ocean Drive - Miami
  • 158 Ocean Drive - Miami
  • 524 Ocean Drive - Casanova Suites - Miami
  • 713 Collins Ave - Miami
  • London Arms - 727 Collins Ave - Miami
  • Hotel Leon - 841 Collins Ave - Miami
  • 832 Collins Ave - Miami

Among these are none made with Google's Building Maker.

The one on the image is highlighted bold.

MILO Minderbinder Edit

Milo Minderbinder lives in the Netherlands, Nijmegen, and is 16 years old. Milo discovered Google Sketchup in 2007 and started uploading in March 2008. His first models were already as he calls them 'Miami buildings' or 'Miami models'. The modeling styles Milo uses are based on using the least amount of geometry needed. e.g. With fences and the extraordinary complicated facades of Art Deco buildings, he uses png format textures. In that way he doesn't have to cope with any ziggurat (triangular shaped extensions to decorate the roofline of Art Deco buildings) in real geometry.

Models Edit

A list of models Milo created in Miami Beach (chronologically sorted)

  • fairwind (fairmond) hotel
  • reakwater Hotel

    An example of one of Milos models

  • Carlyle Hotel
  • Essex House Hotel 
  • Government Centre
  • West Brickel Appartments
  • Olympia Theater
  • The Colony Hotel
  • The National Hotel
  • The Leslie Hotel
  • The Cavalier Hotel
  • The Clifton Hotel
  • The Nassau Hotel
  • The Imperial Hotel
  • The McAlpin Hotel
  • The Crescent Hotel
  • The Park Central Hotel
  • The Webster Hotel 
  • The Savoy Hotel 
  • The Tides Hotel
  • The Pelican Hotel (at day)
  • The Pelican Hotel (at night)
  • The Tides Hotel 
  • The Penguin Hotel 
  • The Congress Hotel
  • The Beacon Hotel
  • The Marlin Hotel
  • The apartment building
  • The Sherbrooke Hotel (at day)
  • The Kent Hotel
  • The Boulevard Hotel
  • The Starlite Hotel
  • The Sherbrooke Hotel (at night)
  • The Davis Hotel (Best Western)
  • The Kenmore Hotel (Best Western)
  • The Taft Hotel (Best Western)
  • The Best Western complex, Miami Beach
  • The Avalon Hotel
  • Johnny Rockets Miami 
  • The Tiffany Hotel (The Hotel)
  • The Whitelaw Hotel
  • Hotel Shelley
  • The Ocean Plaza Hotel 
  • Netherland hotel
  • the Winter Haven Hotel
  • The Miami Congress
  • The Sagamore Hotel
  • The Palmer House Hotel
  • The raleigh hotel
  • The Ocean Five Hotel
  • The Dorset Hotel
  • the claremont hotel 
  • Art Deco hotel along Collins ave
  • The Cadet Hotel
  • shops along collins ave and lincoln road
  • apartment building next to cadet hotel
  • shops along lincoln road
  • The Tropics Hotel
  • The Geneva and the Parisian Hotels
  • The aqua hotel
  • The San Juan Hotel
  • The Cardozo Hotel 
  • The Marseilles Hotel
  • Pink/green building next to the Netherland hotel
  • Art deco hotel
  • Jerry's Famous Deli 
  • Adams Hotel
  • Art Deco building Miami Beach
  • Art deco building Miami Beach 
  • Art deco hotel Miami Beach
  • Club Madonna 
  • The Greystone hotel
  • The Shelborne Hotel
  • The Versailles Hotel
  • The Cadillac Hotel
  • EF school Miami Beach
  • The York Towers
  • Ocean Drive Thermometer
  • Abandonned Art Deco Hotel
  • Abandonned Art Deco building
  • Art deco hotel
  • store/appartment building
  • Einstein Bros Bagels, Miami Beach
  • Firestone car service 
  • World Erotic Art Museum block
  • The Bancroft Hotel
  • Sony music building
  • The Ritz-Carlton DiLido Hotel (now higher quality)
  • Grazies restaurant Italian Cuisine
  • The Fairfax Hotel, Collins ave
  • The Ritzplaza Hotel (ReDo)
  • Art Deco villa, Miami Beach 
  • Abandonned Art Deco building 
  • Commodore Cafe & Apts
  • 465 Ocean drive Apartmetn Building
  • Courtyard Marriott Miami Beach
  • Highrise Apartment building Ocean Drive
  • The Barbizon Hotel 
  • Queequegs restaurant 
  • The Empire Hotel
  • A|X - Armani Exchange
  • Unknown Art Deco Building
  • Sephora Miami Beach
  • Art Deco Apartment Building 
  • Habana Libre Beach Resort
  • Island House Hotel 
  • Crust Grilled Pizza Parlor 
  • The Colony Hotel (Redo) 
  • The Carlton Hotel
  • American Apperal & Club Zno
  • The President Hotel
  • The National Hotel (redo) 
  • The Clifton Hotel (ReDo) 
  • The Chesterfield Hotel
  • Hotel Lily
  • Miami Beach Apartment building
  • Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD)
  • The Abbey Hotel
  • Art Deco apartment building, Miami Beach
  • MiMo store building and Aerobar
  • The Hudson Hotel
  • The Ocean Five Hotel (ReDo)
  • 14th street Restrooms, Lummus Park, Miami Beach
  • MiMo Apartment building, Miami Beach
  • Former Revere hotel (demolished in 1993)
  • The Former New Yorker Hotel (demolished in 1981)
  • The National Hotel (original design)
  • The former Shelby Hotel (demolished in the 1980s
  • Streamline Moderne apartment building, Miami Beach
  • Apartment building in Miami Beach
  • Metropole Hotel / Steve Madden South Beach

The one on the image is highlighted bold.

Among these there is one model made with Building Maker (Highlighted italic). 

Among there are some newer versions of early models. They are marked ReDo.

Among there are some historic models. They are highlighted underlined.

Other models Edit

There are two other models in Miami Beach.

  • The Delano Hotel and Bar (by Geoffrey Berlin)
  • Fontainebleau Hotel & Resort (by Adam Hecht)

Modeled area Edit

The amount of modeled buildings in total is about 10% of the total amount of (Art Deco) building in Miami Beach (south of 21st street). Most of the models are on the east side of the island, on Ocean dr and Collins ave. Also, the model density is pretty high around the intersection of Washington ave and 10th st. After Ocean dr and Collins ave, most of the models are along Washington ave. Only some are on the westside.