A supposed picture of Manolo that was seen on his former profile.

Manolo Chavez (also known by his account names "Ventalation Shaft", "Rita and Runt", and "PINKY, BLACK BIRD, MATTY AND THE BRAIN") is a spammer on the 3D Warehouse.

Ventalation ShaftEdit

Manolo first joined the Warehouse in 2011 under the username "Ventalation Shaft"., during this time, he gave inappropriate and unfair reviews to five star models. This account was soon deleted.

Rita and RuntEdit

Some time later, Manolo returned to the warehouse under a new username: "Rita and Runt" ("Rita" and "Runt" are the names of two characters from the Warner Bros. cartoon, Animaniacs.). Manolo used this account to upload models stolen from other people without credit. To make matters worse, he even uploaded a threat to bomb Comerica Park during a nationally-televised Detroit Tigers game (which according to the model's description, was to be done in a similar manner to the Boston Marathon Bombings that happened at the time.) due to all the negative attention he got from the threat, Manolo deleted his account shortly after the upload.

Different account with same nameEdit

Shortly afterward, another account appeared with the same name that copied the actions of the original incarnation, this time bombing the New York City Hall, however, that account is no longer associated with Manolo.


Manolo eventually made a third account called "PINKY, BLACK BIRD, GOGGLEBOXERS, MATTY AND THE BRAIN" ("Pinky" and "The Brain" are also characters that starred in Animaniacs and their own spin-off Pinky and The Brain, while "Matty", "Black Bird", and "Googleboxers" were usernames of other people on the 3D Warehouse.) Under this rather long name, Manolo uploaded two more bomb threats (one aimed at an overpass in Trenton, MI, another aimed at a Detroit drawbridge with a stolen RMS Titan) along with crappy and stolen models. other 3D Warehouse members took Manolo's threats very seriously, with some even contacting the FBI and news stations. It was then from here that Manolo deleted his third account, but it wouldn't be his last.

Other Accounts suspected to be Manolo but unlikely himEdit


Googleboxers was considered to be an account of Manolo's, since he was uploading poor-quality/stolen models and made terrible reviews on 5-star models. However, Googleboxers himself denied this and in time, fixed any wrongdoings he did on the 3D Warehouse.


Abcilikepi a spammer on 3D warehouse and a mutitude of other websites. Some users think this was another one of his alts because he acted like him in some ways.


Fake MrphilliphanEdit

In 2014, Manolo returned under the name Mrphilliphan and continued to terrorize the 3d Warehouse by uploading more stolen models and destruction models.

Fake Red Hawk and Matt--OsioEdit

A period of dormancy occured until August 2015 in which Manolo again created a new account, this time faking Red Hawk. It was modified by Trimble on November 13th. Manolo also had an account called Matt--Osio (now called [Lsrcr]Nilikos) that did the exact same behavior as all of his other accounts, even sinking Edward Smith the Captain's early 1900s steamship.


In 2016 Manolo continued to attack the 3d Warehouse with two new accounts, one faking Matt, Trimble Hills Cop and another one faking Tim5corpion. They replicated the exact same actions as before, and then both of them faked Edward Smith the Captain. They were both Trimble modified twice, while the fake Matt, Trimble Hills Cop eventually was "retaken" by the "rightful" owner, only named "asdf". Later in 2016, Manolo returned as a fake AngelJacobo101 on the fake Tim5corpion/Edward Smith the Captain, and was Trimble modified again, then in May of 2016 he created a new account masquerading as Red Hawk, then masqueraded as Edward Smith the Captain after being Trimble modified.


Fake Tim5corpion, now Trimble modified

Unknown Trimble modified account.Edit

There is also an account that has been "banned" from the 3D Warehouse. Nobody knows if the ban is real or not. It was last Trimble modified on January 25th, 2016. This account has been suspected as one of Manolo's accounts.


In 2017, the usual activity continued with the fake Tim5corpion/Edward Smith the Captain account (by then Trimble modified) with new models and spam, including repeated violations of the TOS.

Sometime in mid-2017, the activity grind to a halt. So far, there has been no activity since then.


Manolo seems unlikely to stop spamming the 3D Warehouse for the foreseeable future. We will likely see new accounts made by Manolo repeating the exact same things as the other accounts.