Dorie of the









Dorie of the was an infamous Sketchup user active on 2007 who is widely known for making poor-quality models. Of all the other poor modelers, she is the most widely known on the website.

List of ModelsEdit

Dorie of the's models include:

  • House: a very basic house shape, which is just a 5-sided irregular prism.
  • House: duplicate of the above model.
  • Phat cat: a re-uploaded Bryce model.
  • Box: a simple box. Dorie of the claimed it took a week to make.
  • Cool house! Nobody knows what is inside!: a house model exactly like "House", which ironically, is empty.
  • 123: a rectangle.
  • An itty-bitty woman: re-uploaded Sandra model, who Dorie of the said was named "Bryce".
  • Marge Simpson: a stolen Sketchup tutorial.
  • G: a woman component next to a rectangle.
  • Homer Simpson: a crudely drawn smile.
  • Bryce is naked: a crude edit of the Bryce model.
  • The Skutchep Logo: a crude drawing of the former Sketchup logo.
  • Square: a rectangle, ironically.
  • Abcdef: crude drawings of letters.
  • A sandwich


Dorie of the left a long legacy in front of her. Her username evolved into a title given to spammers or other poor modelers.

Gmodels began creating "Dorie of the: Remix" models, which are better-quality versions of Dorie of the's originals.

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