Antwerpen, Belgium Europe, has the greatest coverage of user-created 3D buildings content of all cities in Europe. It's two main contributors are Sittingduck and KR= (Chris Dorreman). Together, they've produced over 260 high-quality 3D models of buildings in Antwerpen. Google Earth sightseeing spots are the Great Market, with every building in a two block radius modeled, and the Meirbrug, a mile-long citystreet, ending at the Boerentoren (Farmerstower). Sittingduck and Chris Dorreman have been featured in a number of articles in newspapers.

The modelers Edit

The modelers in Antwerpen are Sittingduck, KR=, and |Maarten|.

KR= (Chris Dorreman) Edit

Chris Dorreman created a total of 46 models in Antwerpen. His best model is considered to be the

Sittingduck Edit

Sittingduck has produced a number of 213 models located in Antwerpen. This amazing number makes numerous viewers believe that Sittingducks models are autogenerated; but this is a fairytale, it's all made by hand. Because of the detail and the number of models created, Sittingduck is considered to be one of the greatest modelers of all time. For this reason he was also asked to come to the Supermodelers conference in Boulder, Colorado.

|Maarten| Edit

Maarten isn't as famous as Sittingduck and KR=, but the main cause of this is the small amount of models he made. The quality is also very high, but he produced only 29 models, of which 5 are located in Antwerpen.

Supermodelers Edit

Chris Dorreman and Sittingduck were both invited to the Sketchup Supermodelers conference in Boulder, Colorado. The conference was held in August 2009.